We understand that creating wellness communities is the best way to bring people together from an open heart.

We do this through different activities people can perform and enjoy all together.


We have created wellness partnerships to promote those experiences across the city.

Spreading a wellness lifestyle can change the life of anyone who wants to become a greater version of themselves.


Just like our education focuses on 8 areas of wellness, our community takes this into consideration when it comes to the activities we take part in every month. 


The more spaces of wellbeing we have in our cities, the faster we can spread a more conscious way of living.

While maintaining a harmonious relationship with the environment and our society. 


Feel free to join us in our activities and experience being part of a wellness tribe.


When we come together we become the real agents of positive change in our world. 


Human Development

We are always in the creation and expansion of our horizons. Offering an educational program that empowers people to take action in their life and to live an enhanced experience.

We also share priceless pieces of information for human development through our YouTube Channel (under construction) which is open to the public.


Movement is a big part of our daily routine.

We understand that a healthy body helps to keep a healthy mind.

We have partnered with multiple brands and establishments that support this vision of fitness and wellness. Monthly, we join events and classes that challenge us to get out of our comfort zone and become healthier.

Wellness Events

Our calendar is full of multiple wellness events across the city in order to take our mind off our work routine, connect with like-minded individuals, and keep spreading a community of positivity and wellness amongst our citizens.

 Tree Planting

We believe that reforesting our Planet Earth is a mission we can accomplish as long as we all work together.

This labor supports job opportunities for those who are living in poverty conditions while at the same time we are giving back to our environment.


We do Global Planting through The Eden Projects and local planting through a volunteer program within the city.

Social Gatherings

We encourage healthy social relationships.

As human beings, much of our wellbeing depends on having genuine connections. Our gatherings are a great place for networking and helping one another to achieve our goals and dreams.

Volunteer Groups

Each month we commit to serve our city and our environment through different volunteering programs.


We participate in beach and city clean ups, feeding homeless children, provide quality time with those in need, and tree planting. 


We promote the nurturing of the soul, the connection within.


Practicing weekly meditations at multiple spaces across the city. 


Which helps us to keep a sharp mind and clarity within our lives about what we want and how we can fulfill our purpose. 

Ending Hunger

Each month we contribute to other nonprofit organizations with their mission to feed the world and end hunger.


We believe there should be no empty stomachs in the world as food is necessary to nurture the body, mind, and soul.


Because nature provides everything we need, it is our inalienable right to have access to proper nutrition.

We are currently developing a local farming program to empower locals to gain more from the land and enjoy better health and nutrition in our communities. 

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